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I am currently a Vice Chancellor Research Fellow in the astronomy group at The University of Sheffield.

The main focus of my research is determining how the far-infrared emission of AGN is related to their X-ray emission at both low and high redshifts. We now know that a significant fraction of AGN activity is hidden from our view by the obscuring effects of intervening gas and dust. By observing these systems in the infrared and X-rays we can see through this obscuring material to reveal the processes at the heart of these systems.

As part of my Ph.D. I studied the non-relativistic outflows of active galaxies in the hope to determine what causes these winds, and what effects they have on the immediate region surrounding the active nucleus. My work on this continues via the study of emission lines from highly ionised species that we have shown to be outflowing at speeds of up to 1000km/s from these systems. .

Dr. James Mullaney

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